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Love Yourself

Meet the face
behind the posts

I'm truly delighted that you took the time out of your day to visit and inquire as to what Growing and Glowing is all about. I am Adrianna Brown, Creator and Founder of Growing and Glowing LLC. What once started as a phrase, then became a vision based on the ideals, passions and Gifts entrusted to me. I am a strong woman of Faith, whose endured many storms and tribulations. My faith is what has kept me going when adversity tried to knock me down. This life is a journey, and what better way to do it, than with optimism, good energy and surrounded by like-minded beings. Journey with me as we grow through life's ups and down's; giving us experience and wisdom to add to our book of memories. I'm excited to share with you and enlighten you while you journey; I pray that you face life with an open heart, and pack light.

The Purpose

To be a beacon of hope; to enlighten and to empower you through written posts and videos. As well you can purchase products such as clothing apparel and hand crafted body butter. 

- Growing through life and revealing that Inner Glow. 

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