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Enough is Enough

With all that is happening in the world and in our daily lives, there comes a time when we say 'enough is enough'. We become overwhelmed with all the tasks that need to be accomplished that day, making sure we check on friends and loved ones, having to remember to wear a mask (I'll be the first to admit, this slips my mind daily). Our lives have truly been altered and we are now adapting to a new normal; again this can be a bit much when you still have several items that still need to be checked off on that 'list of things to do' and you have yet to meet your own needs.

When you reach the point that you become overwhelmed and say 'enough is enough' that is when you know it's time to take some time for yourself.

This can be in the form of a nap, or just laying across your couch; giving your mind and body time to just be. Not thinking of anything in particular. No planning something to do when you get up, or what you have left to accomplish that day. Just rest, take yourself on a mental mini vacation. Imagine your favorite thing to do, or place to be; inhale and exhale. Take in the moment, then remind yourself that no matter what is happening around you, You Are Enough. You have all that you need in this moment, you are equipped with all that you need to conquer the day.

As a full time Graduate student and High School teacher, this past 4 months has been thee most stressful and overwhelming months I've experienced in a while. There were days when my mind would go a mile a minute and it took a toll on my attitude and productivity. Sometimes I would have to just pause and rest my mind, letting go of whatever had upset me or negative thoughts of 'I can't do this' or 'this is too much'. I finally got to a point where I could say 'I did the best that I could'. Each day that is all that we can do, be the best version of ourselves, and whatever we do not get to, or do not complete, there is always next time. What does not kill us only makes us stronger, we may not be strong in every aspect of life; there is always room to grow. Today take time to be grateful for what you do have, for all that you have accomplished. Give your mind and body a mini vacation, time to reset, refocus and refresh; it makes all the difference.

This is your journey, you decide when and where you go. As long as you are satisfied with where you are in life, and what you are doing, that is what matters most. Aim to be the best you can and grow from there. Remember you are Enough, when life gets overwhelming and 'enough is enough'.



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A full time High School social studies teacher, committed to being of service to those in need. I hold a Masters Degree in Counseling.

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