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Wednesday Wisdom

Speaking from personal experience, there have been times or days when I just wanted to give up. My body was hurting, I was surrounded by negativity and somehow it seeped it's way into my thoughts. I was taking a lot of what people said to heart and holding it close. I held onto the hurt for so long that I almost believed it was true. I always got these subtle reminders from people I once poured into, or they had poured good things into me to focus on what was most important. Not to worry about the negativity that others spew at me. In your heart of hearts if and when you know that you have done everything you can to be there for others, loving others and showing compassion for them and it's as if life is still throwing you lemons... its time to turn the focus back to who you are. No longer bending over backwards for someone else but standing strong in who you are. Who you say you are. You are your parents wildest dreams, on the other side of their fears and ours is all that we've ever dreamed of. Keep hoping, keep dreaming, keep going! Getting your thoughts, speech and actions in alignment. It will all come together, just give it time.


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A full time High School social studies teacher, committed to being of service to those in need. I hold a Masters Degree in Counseling.

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