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Self Love Sunday

Sunday represents the beginning of the week, although we bathe everyday, some overlook the healing power of a good bath. I encourage you (if you don't already) to take a nice hot bath each Sunday evening to set your intentions for the week to come soak, meditate and refresh.

Cleanse your Temple

“There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them.” -Sylvia Plath

The expertise I've gained about the healing of a hot bath is not through extensive reading of literature, but through personal experience. As the photo above shows a bathtub by candle light, this is one of my favorite ways to tell my body 'I love you'. I add Dr. Teals bath salts (there are several to choose from), a few drops of essential oils (Rose or Cinnamon) and light the candles. Sometimes I'll do a little razzle dazzle and make it a bubble bath. I turn off the lights then glide into my place of peace.

The warmth of the water mixed with the oils, relaxes my muscles and joints. First I wash my face, while soaking my body (this is a 2-3 minute process) then I lay with the warm cloth across my face to open my pours to clear out all the dirt from the day.

I then meditate, sometimes with my eyes closed, lying still breathing in all the amazing aromatic scents dancing around me. Taking in the calm and quietness I drift into my place of serenity. Be sure not to fall asleep, because this can be that relaxing. Next (this is about the time my hands start to prune) I actually wash my body with exfoliating gloves and Caress soap. Lastly I rinse off with hot steaming water from the shower, drain the bath and exit.

Tips for the #BestBathEver :

- Whatever happened before entering the bath #LetItGo

  • Inhale positive affirmations, release all tension

  • As you wash your body, wash away all the mess from the previous days

  • Embrace the space you are in and the feel good energy surrounding you

  • Remember this is you loving your temple (body) so caress your skin with care.

  • Bring a good encouraging/inspirational book to read

  • Have a glass of water or cup of tea #stayhydrated

Remember the goal of this bath is to show your body some good loving. Each day we put our minds and bodies through some vigorous, sometimes strenuous, tasks. Your body matters, so show it and yourself some love by soaking in all the nourishing properties of your bathwater, and pouring life-giving affirmations.


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A full time High School social studies teacher, committed to being of service to those in need. I hold a Masters Degree in Counseling.

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